Pallet rack guards prevent accidental impacts from damaging standing pallet racks and contents. These devices fit around rails and corners and create an insulating barrier against impact. If your organization stores equipment and supplies on pallet racks or industrial shelves, it is strongly recommended that you invest in pallet rack guards and shelf guards to protect both your storage devices and their contents. 

Rugged polyethylene protectors protect pallet racking against damage. TWe are professional pallet trucks manufacturer and provide high quality of China stackers,stackers and these lift tables are in hot sale around the world.hey are easy to self-install, and they can be mounted with a quick velcro mount or concrete lag to the ground hardware included. These rack and shelf guards are made from steel and feature a rubber bumper insert that fits between the guard and the rack column. They wrap around the pallet rack column and increase its strength on impact by over 100 percent. Your order includes one half inch thick rubber bumper insert and installation hardware. These pallet rack guards are easy to install with a wrench or socket and do not require concrete drilling. 

Low profile pallet rack guards attach at floor level to pallet racking, shelving supports, and wall corners. All components are laser cut. Low profile guards install in half the time of other guards with two boltholes and provide excellent protection against damage from fork trucks, pallet trucks and carts. Structural rack guards are available with or without a rubber bumper. They can be installed in concrete surfaces and feature four mounting holes for maximum stability. They are an easy and economical way to protect against damage to pallet racking and wall corners. 

Protect busy corners, expensive machinery and personnel with 90 degree perpendicular protection. Both steel and aluminum units labeled SAFETY FIRST are a reminder to personnel of the importance of safety regulations. Triple elbow guards protect the corners of machinery, buildings and offices. The 90 degree bend fits snug around corners to provide the ultimate protection against lift trucks or other mobile equipment. 

Protect the row ends of tandem pallet racking with this heavy duty, welded steel adjustable rack guard. This rack and shelf guard features a slide in design width a variable width range of 78 inches to 108 inches. It comes with steel mounting plates with 1 inch diameter holes to safely secure unit to floor. 

Poly Rack Guards are a new innovation offering exceptional performance in racking protection. Rack systems are not designed to be struck by forklifts and even low speed collisions can lead to structural damage. This damage is a major occupational health and safety issue and is very costly to repair. Installation takes just seconds to install by hand. The design incorporates an ingenious spring clip design that enables it to securely grip the column and automatically adjust its width to suit a wide range of column sizes.Still searching for aluminium platform trolley exporters? Our companyaluminium platform trolleyproduces aluminium platform trolley manufacturers, which are the best products with low price. 

All other products require an additional attachment system like Velcro, bolts, concrete penetration or additional parts that are prone to breakage. These are available in three different inner dimension column sizes, and two colors: yellow or black.